The middle Road Podcast

Episode 5: The middle Road with Dr. V Premnath, Co Founder & Director, Venture Center

November 13, 2019

Dr Premnath Venugopal is the Co-founder and Director of the Venture Center, the largest inventive enterprises incubator in India. He is also Head NCL Innovations, NCL and Head IP group. A leading global technocrat, entrepreneur and inventor, Dr Premnath is a technology development and innovation “Guru” with speciality in commercialization of high-end technological products and entrepreneurship. Well-read and educated, Dr Premnath has a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US, and B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay. He is also served as a Chevening Technology Enterprise fellow for a year at the Center for Scientific Enterprises, London Business School, and Cambridge University.  

We chat about various initiatives taken by the world-class incubator in enabling social change and impact, critical Indian government reforms in the startup sector, the influence of US and UK universities in fostering innovation, among others.

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