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February 17, 2021

Episode 16: The middle Road chats with Brooke Burton, Founder of The People’s Club

In this episode, Nishant Malhotra chats with Brooke Burton, Founder of The People's Club.

Brooke is enabling social change and impact by focusing on building communities. Based in Chicago, Illinois, US, Brooke completed her MBA from ROSS Business School, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and BA from Vanderbilt University. This is the first podcast from The middle Road wherein a free flow strategy is deployed. In this mode of the podcast, no set of questions are decided beforehand rather than a brief outline of the fireside conversation is discussed. The informal talk begins with the theme question with follow-up questions based on the flow of conversation that is directly related to the subject at hand or can be tangential.

In this episode, Brooke will discuss her journey through time articulating her thoughts as an entrepreneur, facilitating social impact through community events. In this exciting, insightful, and refreshing podcast, Brooke shares stellar insights example only 3% of the venture capital goes to women entrepreneurs in America or 30% of the millennials feel lonely always or often. Why only 4% of the non-profits led by Black/Latinx leaders receive only 4% of the philanthropic money? 

A top-gun podcast, listen to Brooke as she shares a game-changing perspective of her motivation in launching her start-up, enablers, and key performance indicators for her business going forward, key statistics concerning the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the US and much more. A must listen for everyone esp. Millennials and Gen Z, the podcast is also the recorded as a video chat and free available on The middle Road YouTube channel. Brooke shines out as a brand ambassador of her generation, eloquent, charismatic in this thought provoking and riveting episode from The middle Road.    

The podcast is also available on Spotify, iTunes, iHeart directory.  

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